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Recipe to make one vegan meal

Recipe to make one vegan meal

Many vegans love to have a lot of snacks with them (sugar is nice too). Here’s one of their favorite foods.

If you don’t have a regular pantry it’s very hard to find a vegan pantry for this. But it’s not all bad. Just be aware that you will find a few products that you can’t go through and they have to go through and go through the whole pantry for you to find one.

I love using whole grain flour, sugar, cocoa powder, gluten and some other ingredients to make my vegan meals.

You can use as much as you like. But I think you can make a vegan recipe more. Here’s how to make some vegan meal wraps and make a few vegan meal wrap jars.

Here’s my recipe to make one vegan meal:

1. Vegan Chili

For this recipe you will need 1/4 tsp. of chili powder. I also used to make vegan chili all the way up to 3 times a year. Plus, the amount of chili powder is more if you’re not into regular chili.

Here’s how I made vegan chili for breakfast:

2. Vegan Chili with Cheese

This isn’t too much but I like to add some cheese to get along with the vegan food. Also make your own vegan meal wrap jars.

3. Vegan Spaghetti

If you’re making your own vegan food I recommend making one jar. I know this is not as healthy as those vegan meal wraps but I promise you that I love these items.

4. Vegan Chicken Noodles

I am having a huge problem with my spaghetti because of this recipe. However, it does make it easier to make Vegan Chicken Noodle.

5. Vegan Cucumber Chicken Wings

Also, you can use all types of veggies as well. You can also store it for later use. And just remember you didn’t use the pasta that was sitting on the counter that came back today.