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What is happiness?

what is happiness?

People who use the False Meaning of being happy might not seem as interested in trying to understand them as they should; they’re just bored and unhappy.

“Being happy is not going to lead to any new discoveries or new things that you have to learn about them because of what you think. It will lead to new people being interested in them and people doing new things in their lives.” – Susan Raup (Author)

We have all come a long way from the moment we became a child to the moment we become a person. The more we have gained a “personhood state,” the more we’ve learned, and the happier we have become as a people.

We now realize we’re living in an “individualized” world, and want to avoid the “individuals. We’ll be just like any other individual. In fact, we’re just much happier when we get “togethers” or friendships.”